Don’t Wait ‘Til It’s Too Late: Warning Signs It’s Time for Heating Repair

Don’t Wait ‘Til It’s Too Late: Warning Signs It’s Time for Heating Repair

At any time of year, dealing with a broken furnace is frustrating. However, in the dead of winter, a system in need of heating repair can be even more upsetting and disruptive.

Sometimes, a broken heater is unavoidable. Often, however, furnace complications can be prevented by heating maintenance and regular inspections by an HVAC company. Quite frequently, a homeowner can observe clues that their heater needs work, and schedule maintenance before the problem becomes serious.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, your furnace could be falling ill. Don’t hesitate to call your heating services to remedy the problem quickly:

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

1. Your Heat Bills Are Rising

Generally, your heat bills should remain fairly predictable throughout the colder months. Unless you’ve been using the heater significantly more than usual, you shouldn’t notice rising energy bills. Creeping bills could be an early sign that your heater is no longer functioning efficiently, or that parts are beginning to wear. Consider calling heating repair to investigate the problem further.

2. You Can’t Keep The House Warm

Heaters have one job: keeping your family warm and comfortable. If your heating system no longer meets its purpose, what are you waiting for? Schedule heating repairs to help your house get cozy like it should be.

3. It’s Making Weird Sounds

A furnace in good condition makes little to no noise apart from soft blowing sounds. If your heater makes screeching, banging, or clicking noises, the fan could be broken or other parts could be loose. Call furnace repair services right away to keep broken parts from further damaging your furnace.

4. It’s Making Weird Smells

Weird smells from any appliance are never a good sign. If you suspect you furnace is giving your home or basement a dusty smell, your furnace filter could simply be clogged. This issue is an easy fix, as long as you address it early.

Furnaces last, on average, about 15 to 18 years. However, without regular checkups and repairs, your furnace may not survive nearly as long. Keep your heating issues from becoming heating catastrophes by keeping an eye out for these maintenance warning signs. For more information or to schedule repairs, give us a call at Mid-Atlantic Heating and Air today!

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