Cold House And High Bills? We Know A Few Reasons For That

Cold House And High Bills? We Know A Few Reasons For That

‘Tis the season to stay cozy. As things cool off more and more, we’re cranking up the thermostats and giving our furnaces a little wintertime workout. Where homeowners often make mistakes is thinking that furnaces are invincible.

You don’t want your furnace to give out on you as soon as the months get coldest. Nor do you want it working overtime while your house stays chilly, but your bills go up. Here’s what you should be looking at to stay warm and keep your bank account in the black this winter.

Leaky Ducts

That warm air your furnace permeates throughout your house flows through ducts and emerges through vents in every room of your home. Perhaps you notice that one or two rooms never quite stay the same temperature as others. Maybe it’s either always freezing or always too hot. The culprit here is ductwork. Leaky ducts let warm air escape on the way to the room(s) they’re supposed to warm. On the other hand, maybe your ducts focus too much on one area of your home. Either way, leaky or uneven ducting will cause airflow problems that lead to fluctuating room temperatures and extortionary energy bills.

No Preventative Maintenance

HVAC companies recommend having your HVAC systems inspected twice a year. These inspections are often neglected for lengthy periods of time. It’s during these periods of neglect in which you’re missing heating repairs that would increase the efficiency of your system as a whole. Most problems arise from a lack of preventative measures being taken. Whether heating maintenance, air conditioning repair, or anything in between, catching problems ahead of time is crucial to the longevity of your HVAC system.

Programmable Thermostat Installation

To maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system, step into the 21st century. Programmable thermostat installation will help you to better monitor your energy usage by heating your home at optimum levels to balance your comfort with your monthly energy bills. You can even access them from your mobile phone.

There are plenty of ways to warm your house, but most of them start with properly maintaining your 
HVAC system. Keep on top of maintenance and pay attention to recommended repairs/upgrades and you’ll find yourself warm with lower energy bills for winters to come.

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